Welcome to Maskam Water

We can help in these drought stricken times!
Maskam Water offers many solutions to help you save water and save money. 

About Maskam Water

We import great quality pumps, wastewater treatment plants, water purification equipment, UVs, etc. from around the globe and redistribute that throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Maskam Water supplement these products with a range of products that we manufacture at our factory in Vanrhynsdorp and our professional team at our Sales Office in Brackenfell (Cape Town) facility, to offer turn-key solutions to our customers.

Some of the products in our range include:
  • Drainage and de-watering equipment
  • Sump pumps
  • Double seal sump pumps – lower maintenance in corrosive conditions
  • Auto-reversing grinders, single and three phase
  • Explosion proof pumps
  • Engineered sump- and borehole pumps – up to 75kW
  • On-site Waste Water Treatment Plants, from one person to medium sized communities – we can treat sewage for as little as R1.88 per kl – power, operating and maintenance costs included.
  • Water feature equipment including floating fountain pumps and extremely energy-efficient pond pumps
  • UVs for water disinfection, including swimming pool water, ponds, koi, household- and industrial water
  • Submersible booster pumps, bottom intake, up to 90m head
  • Electronic pump starters and Variable speed drivers(VSDs), including in-line water cooled VSDs
  • Air pumps, for waste water treatment, grey water systems, koi and pond industries
  • Biofilters for the koi and pond industries
  • Manual and automatic screens