Since the introduction of the first HIBLOW pump over forty years ago we have established an unshakable market position as a pioneer in the air pump field. We introduced electromagnetically operated diaphragms into domestic market for the first time. Since then, we have endeavoured to develop unique products, and the SPP series is the latest result. More than 10 million HIBLOW pumps have now been produced and found widespread applications. They are used in the medical field for scientific and chemical instruments, in industrial equipment, for aquaria, septic tanks and for many other purposes, HIBLOW air pumps employ electromagnetically operated diaphragms, which makes it possible to supply a compact device at low cost, and besides, it offers simple maintenance and requires minimum power input, important requirements in the market today. Low noise operation and high durability are two more remarkable advantages of our products.


Here are examples of some typical applications of our products. There are many more than illustrated.


1  Durability

The moving parts consist of an actuating rod supported by two special synthetic rubber diaphragms which vibrate laterally, permitting long-term continuous operation.

2  No Lubrication Necessary

There is no friction between moving parts and therefor no need for lubrication, an added advantage being that the exhausted air is always clean.

3  High Efficiency

Operation is based upon the principle of electromagnetic vibration which eliminates the need for sliding parts, thereby minimizing power consumption and offering high efficiency.

4  Compact and Powerful

“HIBLOW” air pumps incorporate two electromagnets, one to the front, the other to the rear, which act upon permanent magnets, providing perfectly balanced vibration and allowing a compact but powerful device.

5  Low Noise

Sound insulation was of prime importance when designing the pneumatic circuit a vibrating section and as a result it is exceptionally quiet.

6  Smooth Air Flow

The exhaust rate is uniform and vibration minimal therefore it is ideally suited for applications which require consistent air pressure and supply.

7  Easy Maintenance

Apart from the simple replacement of some components, such as a broken diaphragm, long-term, maintenance-free operation is possible. Replacement parts come in a cassette.

Working Principle

When the alternating current is applied to the electromagnet as in the figure, above the actuating rod moves first in the direction, of the arrow as shown in Fig. A and then in the direction of the arrow as shown in Fig. B, the magnetic attraction and repellent forces exerted between the electromagnet and the permanent magnets attached to the rod.

The rod vibrates at the same frequency as that of the power supply and changes the volume of the space enclosed between the casing and the diaphragm.

Thus, the air intake, compression and exhaust can be performed through the valves.


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