Invest in the strongest toilet grinder pump on the SA market


Qwik Jon® Ultima

Economical sewage systems designed for free-standing or built-in installations. The smart solution for your sewage removal needs when gravity flow is a problem.

Install a bathroom almost anywhere.

• Preassembled pump and tank for easy installation
• Level 3 cutting capability – Contains 1/2hp (0.7kW) grinder pump
• No need to destroy concrete floors
• For use in houses, offices, factories, basements etc.
• Accommodates a toilet, basin, bath, and/or shower
• Angled outlet can be installed in any direction (360 degrees) to accommodate site conditions
• Compact design
• Aesthetically pleasing – discharge & vent pipes can be chased into a brick wall.


Cutting capability definitions
LEVEL 1 - Human waste, toilet paper, tampons
LEVEL 2 - Wipes, diapers, rags, condoms
LEVEL 3 - Gloves, heavy fabric, sanitary wipes, denim


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