Aquaforte Pond Products

AquaForte offers a line of pond pumps suitable for various applications, such as streams, waterfalls, fountains and filters. Pond pumps are available in many different versions.

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DM-Series Filter Pumps

DM pumps are mostly used in dry configurations.

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EC-Series Pumps

EC-series pumps are suitable for wet and dry configurations.

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Fountain Pump Sets

Creates a fabulous fountain in just a few minutes

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O-Series Filter Pumps

Competitive priced dirty-water pumps for water gardens, waterfalls, fountains, filters, etc. 

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HF-Series Flow Pumps

Competitive priced dirty-water pumps for extra flow, filters etc.

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DM-Vario Series

Adjustable flow from 30% to 100% with external controller.

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Propellor Pumps

Extremely useful for extra circulation in e.g. koi ponds and fish farms.

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Floating Skimmers

AquaForte offers a wide range of user-friendly floating skimmers (with and without pump) and wall skimmers.

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Drum Filter

The AquaForte drum filter is fitted with a 60-micron stainless steel screen, so waste particles that are 0.06mm in size or larger can’t go through the screen.

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O-Plus Series Filter Pumps

Pre-eminently suitable as under water pond pump. 

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O-Plus Vario Series

The variable speed version of the popular O-Plus series!

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P-Series Pumps

Suitable for horizontal and vertical use.

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Ultrasieve III Gravity Fed Sieve Filter

The most compact, gravity fed, sieve filter with the highest pump capacity!

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Floating Fountain

A fountain or waterfall in your pond is not only beautiful and soothing, but also provides aeration.

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