Greywater System

Maskam Water offers greywater systems that can reduce the water usage for Domestic use and Small Commercial.

The Maskam greywater systems are fully assembled - ready to drop in on site. With a good quality underground tank, the only part visible will be the green lid. The Maskam greywater sytems futher guarantee a low power consumption, no bad oudours and very low maintenance (Estimated to 60 minutes per year time spent). The Maskam greywater systems can incorporate pool backwash and rainwater harvesting with automatic overflow to the municipal sewers. Its not just your ordinary greywater system. Biological treatment is happening inside the tank to ensure a better quality water.

Benefits of using greywater systems:
  • Reduce municipal water demand
  • Conservation of freshwater
  • Greywater can be re-used for toilet flushing
  • Use for garden irrigation.
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Reduce strain on sewage systems and septic tanks
Features and Specifications
  • Fully assembled, ready for drop-in on site
  • Good quality underground tank ensures durability
  • Only the green lid will be visible
  • Risers can be used to raise lid to ground level if tank is installed deeper than chimney height
  • Air pump uses only 40 watts of power
  • No bad odours
  • WW1 Filter is easy to clean.
  • Up flow through WW1 filter ensures minimum cleaning intervals.
  • WW1 filter turns first chamber into a grease trap, thus separating fats from your irrigation water – domestic use only
  • Both Grey Water and swimming pool backwash water can enter the tank.
  • Overflow goes to municipal sewer
  • Surface (JET) or Submersible (Citypump) can be used
  • For irrigation, add a good irrigation filter after the pump
  • UV is optional
  • Very low maintenance
  • Rain water harvesting can be incorporated. When full the inflows are split through internal valves and grey water overflows to the municipal sewer line while rain water overflows to storm water.