XClear - Sieve Gravity Fed

The XClear Sieve Gravity Fed is a perfect pre-filter to take out bigger waste particles before the water is pumped into a biological filter (like a beadfilter), pump or UV-C purifier.
  • Made entirely of Polyethylene.
  • One-piece housing: extra sturdiness and austere appearance.
  • Heavy duty cover included.
  • Very effective mechanical filter based on a professional stainless steel sieve bend screen.
  • The “main filter” is able to do his work better.
  • Low-maintenance.

The pre filter must be installed at water level (gravity fed). The float system will automatically adjust the filter to work with a pump flow up to 25.000 l/h. Cleaning the filter is very easy; you can flush the waste with water from the screen to the waste outlet. Comes with 300 micron Stainless Steel sieve element. Inlet: 2 x 110mm. Waste outlet: 63mm. Pump outlet 90/63mm (provided with 63mm suction pipe). Colour: Dark Grey Granite.