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Welcome to Maskam Water

Maskam is the northern point of the Matzikama Mountains in Namaqualand, a semi desert area 300km north of Cape Town.  The name means “it gives water”.  And that is exactly what we do. 

We are the sole importers to the African Continent for some of the largest US and European manufacturers of pumps, control systems, sewer treatment plants, etc., etc. Our Maskam Water Accredited Dealers in each country sell these products on our behalf and they provide the necessary backup service for all the products that we sell.

Green building

We have a full range of products specifically for the green building industry


Some of the products that we import include:

  • Air purification equipment
  • Drainage and de-watering equipment, including solar options
  • Pumps and controls: AC, DC, surface and submersible
  • Sewer lifting station and sewer treatment – good quality effluent, lowest running cost
  • Water purification: potable water, swimming pool water, waste water
  • Water feature equipment including floating fountain pumps, solar pumps, submersible pumps, etc.
  • Fridges and freezers, including solar fridges and freezers
  • Surface Solar / DC pumps – runs directly off PV panels, no controllers or batteries needed.Volume up to 200 lpm and pressure up to 29 bar.