3M High Air Flow

A balanced approach to improved air filtration.

The 3M High Air Flow (HAF) air filtration media with antimicrobial agent effectively capture larger particles from the air. These filters attract and capture dust and are ideal for high-velocity equipment. A 3M filter is ideal to help remove larger particles such as dust, pollen, mould spores and pet dander from the air passing through the filter. The antimicrobial agent helps inhibit the growth of mould and mildew on the filter media.

More and more building owners and equipment manufacturers are recognizing the need for efficient, economical air filtration to improve equipment performance and reliability, and to protect equipment from the damaging effects of dirt and dust.

The problem with certain kinds of conventional filters, however, is that – depending on the filter type – they can have high initial pressure or can block too much airflow as particles become trapped in the filter. The end result is that airflow through the equipment can be severely restricted. To maintain the required airflow, the filters may require frequent replacement, and/or the equipment may require frequent cleaning or other maintenance, depending upon the application conditions.


The open channel construction of 3M HAF filters offers low initial airflow resistance, while its unique microstructure and electrostatic charge provides effective particle capture and retention. In certain applications, this may translate into fewer filter changeouts… reduced coil cleaning… and/or reduced maintenance costs.

3M gives you another option

3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) Air Filters may offer an ideal alternative in applications where regular filter
replacement is difficult or impractical, but where low airflow resistance is important.

Developed using innovative 3M technologies, 3M HAF filters are constructed from an array of open flow channels, are frameless and self-supporting. These filters are electrostatically-charged for enhanced particle capture and retention. Refer to HAF Technical Data Sheet for more performance information.

3M HAF air filters are available with an antimicrobial agent to help inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the filter media. Users should be aware that mold and mildew may grow on captured particles that build up over time on the filter.


Versatile performance in a wide range of applications

For hospitality building owners and managers, maintenance time and productivity play an important role in efficient building operation. 3M HAF filters have been shown to help capture airborne dust that can deposit on in-room heating and air conditioning units, while maintaining good airflow through the unit. In addition, due to their self supporting design, HAF filters are easily installed and replaced.

For manufacturers of industrial equipment and electronics, airborne dust and dirt can damage various components, resulting in increased maintenance. In addition, maintaining good airflow in these units is of utmost importance. Because of their frameless, self-supporting construction, 3M HAF filters can easily be adapted to many existing equipment configurations, providing a simple way to add value to the equipment design.

For operators of transit systems in congested urban centers, soot and dust can clog HVAC filters and coils, resulting in the need for frequent service intervals and filter replacement. Due to the unique combination of low pressure drop and good dust loading, 3M HAF filters may be an excellent filter for these applications, particularly compared to conventional foams, plastic netting or metal screens.

In these and other applications, filtered air can be an important competitive advantage that does not require a major capital investment.

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