Air Purifying Equipment

For a better air quality

Get rid of viruses, bacteria and moulds - Disinfect the air you breathe.

How important is the air for us?

The air we inhale is one of our most important basic needs. Air is essential for us to be able to live on Earth. Clean, fresh air results in better work performance, a good mood and a feeling of fitness and good health – you certainly know how relaxing a clean and natural environment can be. Air has a greater impact on our lives than we realise.


Air can contain just as many good substances as bad. Our air is not equally clean everywhere we go. Infectious bacteria, viruses and moulds spread easily through the air and can make us sick. Air can also contain pollens and dust particles that can cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to them. We all know how easily we can catch the flu virus or be plagued by hay fever in the spring.

Many people spend most of their day in enclosed spaces – at work, school or even at home. Test results show that enclosed spaces contain much more bacteria, viruses and moulds than open areas. The air in enclosed spaces is usually poorly ventilated and filled with dust, which means it also contains many contaminants. In addition to bacteria, viruses, moulds and pollen, air can also contain cigarette smoke, food or pet odours, and exhaust fumes. Elevated quantities of these kinds of infectious substances work as stimulating mechanisms for a range of various illnesses, of which influenza and asthma are the most familiar.

The contamination of the earth, and air contamination along with it, has had our attention for a long time now. Today there are international agreements in place that are intended to reduce environmental pollution. New national and international regulations and laws have also been implemented to improve the quality of the air. These measures have resulted in an industry in which new technologies are developed to clean the air in enclosed spaces.

Features and Benefits

A revolution in air disinfection

ætaire is a revolutionary new air cleaning product. With the ætaire you have an air filter, an air ionizer and a UV-C sanitising light in one professional system.

You can now easily eliminate bacteria, viruses, moulds, pollens and dust particles from the air you breathe. The air in your living environment is continuously protected, and you can prevent illnesses, allergies and the spread of the substances that cause them.

Product Specifications


The ebm-papst fan draws the air in the room into the bottom of the unit, creating air circulation.
The fan circulates 50 m³ of air per hour through the ætaire. Depending on the size of the room, the fan can be set to 25 or 50 m³ per hour.

  • Sound at 25 m³ = 25db (very quiet)
  • Sound at 50 m³ = 28db
    To compare:
    • Recording studio: 30db
    • Refrigerator: 45-50 db
    • Coffee-maker: 50-60db
    • Traffic: 70db
    • Vacuum cleaner: 60-85db

The ionizer introduces 8.5 million negative ions per cubic centimetre into the air. Most of the dust particles in an enclosed space normally have a positive charge. Negative ions have the effect of attracting positive dust particles.

By adding negative ions to the air, the positive particles in the air become heavier, which causes them to sink towards the ground. The process therefore results in cleaner, dust- and pollen-free air.

At places where the air is clean, the air contains many more negative ions. Here are some examples of the great number of negative ions in various surroundings, per cm3:

  • Waterfall, forest: 50,000
  • Mountains, sea: 5,000
  • Outskirts of a city, meadow, field: 700-1,500
  • Park in the city: 400-600
  • Sidewalk: 100-200
  • Home in the city centre: 40-50
  • Enclosed office with air conditioning: 0-25

The air passes through the 3M High Air Flow (HAF) filter. This special filter contains an antimicrobial film layer that prevents the growth of various infectious substances on the filter.
The antimicrobial media slows the rate at which the filter becomes clogged, thereby increasing its service life. Those dust particles and pollen in the air that do not settle out immediately as a result of the ionisation are filtered out by the 3M filter.

UV-C Sanitising Light

After passing through the filter, the air is exposed to the UV-C sanitising light. The special Philips UV-C lamp in the ætaire produces ultraviolet radiation at a wavelength of 253.7 nm. This UV-C light kills bacteria, viruses, moulds and other primitive organisms. The radiation destroys the DNA structure of micro-organisms and prevents their reproduction. This met