Zoeller Utility Pump - Model 42

This series of utility pumps is designed for use in residential dewatering applications and can be used to transfer groundwater. They are extremely useful for transferring unwanted water away from building foundations, basements, and work areas. Each pump is built using non-corrodible materials, ensuring a long service life. Because they are both durable and light weight, these pumps can easily be transported from one location or project to another, and they will fit into an 18 cm (7") opening.

  • Engineered thermoplastic and stainless steel components provide improved corrosion resistance.
  • Vent hole prevents air lock
  • Carrying handle for easy installation and removal
  • Removable screened bottom for easy cleaning

(for mostly clear water)

  • Garden spraying
  • Lake / river water transfer
  • Rainwater removal
  • Basement water removal

V42 v42