XClear - Xpose UV-C

The Xclear Xpose UV-C is a high quality UV-C TL unit in 30 and 55 watt. Because of its large reactor diameter, the purifier has a long exposure time to UV-C radiation. Ideal for ponds where a high disinfection efficiency is needed.
  • A built-in (replaceable) electronic ballast to ensure a smooth power supply
  • Large reactor diameter for long exposure time to UV-C radiation
  • High quality PE housing, which is also suitable for saltwater
  • Splash waterproof rubber end caps
  • Fast lamp (re)placement
  • Easy to install and to maintain
  • Reactor is grounded for human and pet safety
  • Made in the Netherlands

The Xpose UV-C has a special water guidance inside the house for an optimal exposure. The special water guidance inside the house will also guide the quartz sleeve for easy replacement. The unit can also be mounted in the opposite way. The position of the inlet and return (left or right) is therefore free to choose. The inlet has 2 x 1½” female threaded connections. With 1½” male threaded adaptor suited for solvent connections. The remaining opening will be used for the supplied transparent plug as lamp indicator. The Xpose UV-C comes with hose tails 25/32/40 mm.