XClear - In-Line UV-C

The In-Line UV-C is the answer for an effective and safe water disinfection in open and closed (filter)systems like multi-chamber filters, drum filters and buffer tanks.

With the tank connector the In-Line UV-C is easy to integrate in any system by mounting it in the (filter)wall. Choosing for complete, partly or separate water flow makes the In-Line UV-C versatile for any situation. The flow body and safety switch make the In-Line UV-C a perfect alternative for the well-known submersible (immersion) UV-C units. 

  • Easy to mount in (multi-chamber)filters, drum filters, buffer tanks, etc.
  • Safe to use due to flow body and safety switch
  • Does not harm biological life in the filter
  • Does not damage filter media
  • Compact to build in, no extra separate unit in technical filter room
  • The water is forced to flow close to the lamp
  • Variable output direction (1 ½” female threaded)
  • Corrosion free PVC body
  • Comes with hosetail 1½” x 40/32/25 mm
  • 84 cm length