VGE Pro Range

VGE Pro Assortment offers a complete range of UV-C purifiers for spa’s and pools ensuring a safe and healthy swimming pool. For high volumes and professional applications VGE International offers UV-C purifiers under the brand name VGE Pro. VGE Pro UV-C purifiers are the driving force in an installation; they have the ability to keep the water free of algae, bacteria and fungi. It is essential that the UV-C purifier seamlessly connects to the design and the components used in the filter installation. By choosing VGE Pro, you choose for guaranteed quality for a fair price.

Model Shape Max Pressure (bar) Capacity (m3/h) N. of Lamps Power
75-110 U 6 10 1 x 75w 0.08
140-110 U 6 17 1 x 140w 0.16
200-110 U 6 23 1 x 200w 0.23
200-160 U 6 35 1 x 200w 0.23
400-200 U 6 83 2 x 200w 0.45
600-225 U 6 124 3 x 200w 0.68
975-315 U 4 278 3 x 325w 1.11
1950-315 U 4 544 6 x 325w 2.21


  • Each unit is equipped with a 316L Stainless Steel reactor.
  • Each unit is equipped with a UV-C timer or control unit.
  • Each unit is equipped with transparent parts to monitor the UV-C light.
  • Reactor length is exclusive lamp parts or/and connections.





Smart Pin Technology

The VGE Pro UV-C Purifiers are equipped with the unique Smart Pin Technology (SPT). This innovative system is a reliable way to integrate the UV-C lamp(s) in a safe, efficient and smart way in a reactor. The SPT makes it possible to replace the lamp safely, although the system remains filled with water. If the lamp is mistakenly not turned off during the replacement, it will switch off automatically as soon as it is removed from the socket. Due to the seal between the lamp socket and lamp, the system can be used in situations where IPx4 is required. The high-quality ceramic is an excellent electrical insulator and is resistant to corrosion. A visual observation of the operation of the lamp is no problem through various transparent parts.


  • Prevents the release of harmful UV-C radiation
  • Changing the UV-C lamp with water in the system
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Splash proof
  • Visual inspection for operation of the lamp
  • Clamping system for optimal seal function
  • Lamp replacement without tools

VGE Pro UV-C control units

Each VGE Pro UV-C purifier is equipped with a control cabinet. The following overview provides the advantages per control unit for a VGE Pro UV-C purifier.


VGE Pro assortment
Blue Lagoon Spa Inox UV-C



INOX inox HDPE hdpe 3s-3l 3S-3L LP lp MP mp Flex FLEX flex float FLOAT GB210 gb210 GB203 gb203 GB200 gb200 gb211 GB211 GB205 gb205 GB204 gb204 VGE PRO pro Pro