Zoeller - Tru-Flow Splitter System

Innoverende Splitter Stelsel wat eweredig verdeel uitvloeisel in twee tot vyf lyne.

Zoeller Tru-Flow® Splitter System is designed to outlast concrete distribution boxes due to its sturdy, non-corrodible polypropylene frame.  This innovative splitter system will evenly split effluent into between two and five lines.  The system is made of two key parts:  (1) the diverter basin & cover and (2) the adjustable diverter.  The Tru-Flow unit can tolerate settlement of as much as 15º front-to-back (30º total) and/or 12º side-to-side (24º total).  Even with the housing out of level, the unit will evenly split effluent when the diverter is adjusted properly.  The Splitter System works with all gravity flows and can receive pumped effluent up to 30 gpm.  This unique design has no parts to wear out and utilizes non-corrodible materials.

  • Kan gebruik word as'n 4:1 of 3:2 recirculatie splitter
  • Getoets uit 1/10 gpm tot 30 gpm vloei
  • Gepatenteerde borrel vlak wat gebou is in vir'n maklike aanpassings
  • Veld aanpasbaar van 2 tot 5 afsetpunte


All Zoeller products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

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