AquaForte CompactSieve

The AquaForte CompactSieve is a perfect pre-filter for (koi)ponds to take out bigger waste particles before the water is pumped into a biological filter, pump or UV-C purifier.

Great to use with rainwater being pumped to tanks. Ideally use our Maskam Basin with a quality Zoeller pump to transfer the water and the Sieve can remove greater sized particales before it transfers to your holding tank.


Compact version of the UltraSieve for use only in a pump fed configuration. Very easy to use: a dirty water pond pump is connected directly to the CompactSieve input. The water flows through the sieve which removes all particle matter down to a size of 300 micron. The CompactSieve must always be installed above pond level. Now available in dark green and granite blue.

  • As a particle remover directly next to the pond or to a waterfall/stream return to pond (A)
  • As a mechanical particle waste pre-filter before surface mounted biological stages (B)
  • As a mechanical pre-filter for existing trickle filter systems (C)
  • The unit can be connected to a pond vacuum cleaner and the returned water from the vacuum cleaner can be fed into the input hose tail via a T-piece or directly. For extra particle removal and saving your precious matured pond water (D)
  • The unit can be connected to an existing pumped pond skimmer system. The unit must be mounted above pond water level (E)

The Stainless Steel filter element has a width of 24 cm and a length of 40 cm with 300 micron openings. Maximum flow rate is approximately 15 m³/h. Pump inlet: 25/32/40mm hose tail. Housing: dark-green or blue granite coloured PE. Shipped with cover. Output and overflow: 75mm push fittings.