XClear - Profi Cloverleaf Filter

The XClear Profi Cloverleaf filter is a modular filter system made of 4 modules. Each module has its own filter media for very effective water filtration.
  • Complete pond filter.
  • Usage of different filter media for optimal filtration.
  • High quality filter material and filter tanks.
  • Smart design for easy maintenance.
  • Comes with filter media and all necessary fittings.
  • This filter is suited for both gravity as pump fed use.

Module A: Water enters this 1st module through the 110mm inlet and has to go up through a pipe system and a filter net structure.
Module B: Water goes up through black (coarse) Matala matting.
Module C: Water goes up through green (medium) Matala matting.
Module D: Water has to pass through this foam filter system with filter pipes inside. Then the water will rise and exit the filter through the 110mm outlet.

The modules are connected with 2 x 90mm Union fittings. Each module has its own 50mm waste outlet with slide valve.