XClear - Master Blaster Pro UV-C

The Master Blaster Pro UV-C is designed to treat highly polluted pond water and is also often used in aqua culture projects. The Master Blaster is a result of many years of experience in the industrial process water treatment.
  • Including high performance 325 watt low pressure amalgam UV-C lamps.
  • The reactor is made of HDPE with two flanged connectors.
  • Including an alarm indicator light (to warn in case of problems like overheating).
  • Including a digital UV lamp lifespan indicator.
  • Including an UV sensor at 254 nm.
  • Including a separate controller cabinet guaranteeing maximum UV efficiency and control.
  • Very effective disinfecting performance.
  • Usage of low pressure amalgam lamps to achieve required performance levels irrespective of water temperature.
  • Possibility to customize your own Master Blaster (number of lamps, wattage of the lamps, etc.).