Zoeller - Model 912 Preassembled Sewage Systems

The 912 Series Preassembled Package Systems are drop-in sewage removal systems. This series is ideal for new construction or additions, villas, beach houses, basements, cabins, and other applications where gravity flow to the sewer main is not an option. All 912 Systems come with a 50 mm (2") solids passing sewage pump, a durable polyethylene or poly-structure foam basin, a pre-manufactured PVC or cast iron inlet, and a gasket-sealed cover to reduce odor. They are also available with alarms and a pre-installed alarm float. Premium indoor systems are available with a split cover for easy pump installation and system maintenance, torque stops, and an anti-flotation device. Side discharge systems are rated for outdoor burial and include solid, polypropylene covers. Every pump is 100% pressure-tested, submerged and run to ensure quality and reliability for years of trouble-free performance! This attention to detail is an inherent feature of every pump in this series, making it one of the best in the industry.

  • 100% preassembled
  • Durable polyethylene or poly-structure foam construction basin
  • Cast iron pump with non-clogging vortex impeller design
  • Pump passes 50 mm (2") spherical solids
  • Pre-manufactured inlet for easy installation (flex-coupling provided by others)
  • Gasket-sealed covers reduce odors
  • New construction or additions
  • Sewage removal from locations lower than gravity sewer main or if sewer main is not accessible
  • Villas, beach houses, basements or vacation cabins
  • Cast iron pump
  • Basin with DN100 (4") PVC or cast iron hub
  • DN50 (2") PVC discharge pipe with 5 mm (3/16") vent hole drilled
  • PSF cover with threaded 2" vent and 2" discharge design
  • Available with alarms and preinstalled alarm float