XClear - Pond Equipment and Supplies

Maskam water offers a wide range of XClear pond supplies that make it even easier for you to maintain your pond and look after the fish.

Below you’ll find a wide range of pond supplies:

Filter Media Bags

Special filter media bags for filter media.

Bio Balls

High quality Bio Balls with a unique shape for biological filtration and a better water partition (trickle filters). High quality materials for long life span. Various sizes, specially made for pond use.
Total surface: 8797mm², protected surface: 7037 mm².

Bio Blocks

Useful bacteria growing on the huge surface area provided by these filter elements, converts harmful toxic fish wastes into relatively harmless by-products which are then removed by the plants or water changes. Size: Ø50 mm, height: 29 mm, total surface: 18897mm², protected surface: 11338 mm².

Bottom Drain

High quality Bottom drain 110 mm outlet. The aerated Bottom drain 110 mm has a rubber membrane on top. When an air pump is connected the air bubbles will cause an optimal circulation in the water.

Threaded Tank Connectors

Threaded tank connectors with rubber ring and nut. 

Tank Connector

Straight connector for PVC solvent pipes. Comes with flange and screws.

Slide Valve

Xclear slide valves are rectilinear valves which can be used to temporarily block the admission of water flow in a low pressure circuit.

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The XClear pre-filter provides you with an additional tool to keep your pond clean.

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2- & 3-Way Valves

High quality ABS cylinder valves, made in the Netherlands. Moving parts are made of fiberglass reinforced polymer. Separate couplings are available to make a union.
Max. working pressure: 3 bar.

Automatic 2- and 3-Way Valves

The Xclear ABS automatic cylinder valves have a robust, fibreglass reinforced, cylinder.

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Pond Safety Net

The pond net keeps your pond free of leaves. This prevents a rotting process which could form harmful gases in your pond, and ensures the health of your fish. We recommend to clean the net frequently. The pond net can also be used to keep the heron out of your pond.

Anti Algae Copper Electrolyzer

An ideal en effective method against (blanket)weed. The Copper Electrolyzer is installed before the pond return inlet. The pond water flows through the Copper Electrolyzer unit. A copper unit, or Electrolyzer, is positioned within the housing, and the copper unit discharges a minimal amount of copper into the water flowing through the housing.

Flow Switch

This stand-alone flow switch will switch an external relay when there is too little flow.

  • The flow switch has 2 x 63mm solvent connections, one is Ø63mm outside, the other one Ø63mm inside.
  • Max. switching power is 80V/A.
  • Minimum flow for switching on: 3.000 l/h.
  • At less than 1.100 l/h it switches off.


Flow Switch Plus

The Flow Switch Plus is the ideal protection for an electrical device in your pond installation. At insufficient water flow the Flow Switch Plus will turn off the connected device (e.g. a UV-C purifier).

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Static Mixer

The Static Mixer comes with air inlet. You can easily connect the mixer to your existing plumbing system.