XClear - Flow-Matic Automatic Backwash-System for Beadfilters

The Xclear Flow-Matic is an automatic backwash-system, that matches any Beadfilter with side mount connections. It replaces the traditional 6-way-valves and takes care of less pressure loss thanks to the unique flow design.

The Flow-Matic uses 4 automatic 3-way-valves and a touch-screen controller. The controller starts and stops the circulating pump and the blower automatically and switches the automatic valves in the correct position for backwash, rinse and filtration. The user can decide how often the Flow-Matic carries out a backwash procedure. In addition to the automatic backwash function, the user can perform an extra (manual) backwash by using the function in the touch-screen controller. The duration of backwash and rinse is determined by the user. The controller can be equipped with a special wire to control Blue Eco pumps. This way, the user can control the RPM of the Blue Eco pump for Filtration and Backwash. This will give you the highest pump efficiency by using a low pump speed during filtration and a higher pump speed for backwashing. Ø63mm connections.

  • Replaces the traditional 6-way-valve.
  • Fits any Beadfilter with side mount connections.
  • Reduces the pressure loss significantly.
  • Less pressure loss compared to a traditional 6-way valve.
  • Duration of rinse and backwash can be adjusted.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Controlled by LCD Touch-Screen.
  • On/Off-function for the circulating pump.
Xclear Flow-Matic automatic backwash features:
  • Timer controlled activation of backwash
  • Controller with touch screen LCD
  • Adjustable backwash
  • Adjustable rinse
  • On - off pump control