XClear - Pro Buster UV-C

The Pro Buster UV-C is suitable for large pond and aquaculture projects up to 450.000 liters. This UV-C purifier is known for it?s disinfection power when the maximum is requested from the use of UV-C.
  • Neutralizes bacteria (including Legionella bacteria), viruses and other primitive organisms and prevents propagation.
  • Designed to connect easily in large (professional) filter installations.
  • Including 3 powerful 130 watt Amalgam lamps
  • Including a flowswitch that turns off the lamp when there is insufficient flow.
  • Integrated adjustable timer for the UV-C lamp.
  • Digital indication when the lamp needs replacing.
  • Comes with 3″ male threaded connections.
  • Length: 95 cm. Diameter: 15,8 cm. Weight: 30Kg.