Xclear Inox Pro Range

The Inox UV-C disinfection system is the driving force for large (professional) pond installations. Ability to keep large ponds free of algae, bacteria and fungi. Designed to connect easily in large (professional) filter installations. Full 316L stainless steel body for maximum performance and durability. Equipped with a high quality Philips UV-C lamp. Including a flow switch to switch off the lamp when there is insufficient water flow. Generates a constant, powerful radiation. Integrated timer accurately monitors the number of operating hours. Lamp replacement indication. The length of the disinfection system is 100cm. 114mm diameter.  2” male threaded connections.

Item No Type UV-C Lamp Pond Volume Max Flow Max Press
XP02752 Inox UV-C 75w 75 watt T5 75.000L 20.000 L/h 5 Bar
XP02132 Inox UV-C 130w 130 watt T6 Amalgam 130.000L 40.000 L/h 5 Bar


The Xclear UVC Pro 3L is equipped with a total 316 L stainless steel housing and a 34' male threaded connection. The design of the housing takes care of an optimal installation flexibility. In the Xclear UVC Pro 3L a UVC-radiation of 253,7min wave length is generated with a special UV-lamp. Algae, bacteria and pathogens get no chance to develop (among them the legionella bacteria). The Xclear UVC Pro 3L is provided with a high frequency transformer. This transformer prevents current fluctuations to protect the lamp. The inner housing 316L stainless steel reflects UV-radiation for about 35% more efficiency. These lamps are also appropriate for the use in professional areas such as agriculture/horticulture, industry and water treatment. Length:93 cm.

Items No. Type UV-C Lamp UV-C Output Pond Contents Max. Flow Max. Press.
3100780 UV-C Pro 3L 40 Watt 15.000 mW 40.000L 2.500 l/h 5 Bar
3100781 UV-C Pro 3L 75 Watt 25.000 mW 75.000L 2.500 l/h 5 Bar



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