Blue Lagoon Salt Electrolysis System

The Blue Lagoon Salt Electrolysis System offers a new concept to enhance the water quality.
  • A water treatment system and a controller for swimming pools
  • Generates chlorine from dissolved common salt in the pool water
  • Avoids the purchase and manipulation of chemical products and simplies maintenance
  • Guarantees a healthier and more pleasurable swim


Water treatment: The salt water electrolysis produces chlorine from a base of salt water of low salinity. The electrolysis cell attains a production of sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) from 3g salt per liter. The chlorine combats and eliminates bacteria, virus, pathogenic agents and oxidizes organic matter present in the water. The used sodium hypochlorite reconverts into salt after a few hours.

The system controls centrally all the components of your pool, ensuring an ecient interaction. Electrolysis unit has O63mm connections.


  • pH option with sensor for the measuring/control (excl. Dosing pump)
  • Dosing pump to control the pH
  • Redox option with sensor for the electrolysis control


Blue Lagoon Salt Electrolysis System