Xclear AirPump 8000

This "Air Pump" air pumps are suitable for use in large ponds and breeding ponds. The pumps are quiet and equipped stoffliter causing clogging. The pumps have a long life and low energy consumption. Incl. reducer with 10 outputs.

Air Pump 8000 (48W) Up 70ltr./min.

General guidelines for air pumps:
The location of the air pump can be both above and below the water level are. If the pump is below the water level
is placed, a non-return valve to be used. This to "full" to prevent the pump from running.
Never place the pump in hot environment. This is to prevent desiccation of the membranes. If the
pump in hot state space, the engine can not be sufficiently cooled so that the pump earlier
must be replaced.

The pump will run hot if it is not enough pressure can lose, this can have various causes. inter alia,
air stones placed too deep, too small or too little air stones. Warming up of the pump may cause
that the membranes rupture or the electrical part burned.

We recommend the following minimum number of tiles to use:

Pump 20ltr. / Min 6 stones Ø 5cm.
Pump 40ltr. / Min 10 stones Ø 5cm.
Pump 60ltr. / Min 15 stones Ø 5cm.

Always try to use an air duct with the largest possible diameter. Most pumps have
an 18mm. connection. By 18mm. cable as much as possible to continue and as late as possible
to branch to 4mm. hose, the pressure at the pump significantly less.
We recommend every year as a precaution the membranes to renew. This is because when a pump with broken membranes
the entire inside breaking.