Xclear AirPump 4000

The pumps are quiet, long life and low energy consumption.

Air Pump 4000 (20W) Up 35ltr./min.

The location of the air pump can be both above and below the water level. If the pump is below the water level, a non-return valve should be used. Never place the pump in direct sunlight or hot environment. This is to prevent desiccation of the membranes. If the engine can not be sufficiently cooled then the pump must be replaced earlier.

We recommend the following minimum number of tiles to use:

Pump 20ltr. / Min 6 stones Ø 5cm.
Pump 40ltr. / Min 10 stones Ø 5cm.
Pump 60ltr. / Min 15 stones Ø 5cm.

Always try to use an air duct with the largest possible diameter. Most pumps have an 18mm. connection.
We recommend replacing the membranes each year. This is because when a pump has broken membranes the entire inside could break.