AACU - Absolute Ablutions Container Unit

No more chemical toilets! Dignified sanitation for all…

The AACU – Absolute Ablutions Container Unit - is a self-sustaining ablution facility with on-site waste water treatment, built on an ISO certified shipping container frame.

  • Easy to set up, setup takes less than 5 minutes
  • Easy to move: simply drain the Fusion, close the doors and load onto a container truck or ship it anywhere in the world
  • Solar option available, only water supply is needed
  • Treated water is used to flush toilets, thus saving water
  • Rain water harvesting optional
  • Demo unit has 4 toilets, 2 hot water showers and Fusion.

Other configurations are available on request

Who can benefit from this?

Everyone who regularly need to move or any temporary set-up, i.e.:

  • Construction – buildings and roads
  • Exploration
  • Informal settlements
  • Adventure tour operators
  • Mining
  • Site establishment
  • Military
  • Mobile schools, clinics, etc
  • Farmers – for workers in the vineyards, orchards, etc.
  • Disaster management
  • Shows / exhibitions

AACU Useful information

AACU Demo Unit

AACU Transport


AACU Placement

AACU Deployment

AACU - Connecting the pipes

AACU - Solar Option

AACU - Flush Toilets

AACU - Wash Basins

AACU - Showers

AACU - Fusion Control Room

AACU - Fusion Service Hatch


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