DG Flow - Presflo Multi


Pump controls


Pump control: FIXED SPEED

Mains supply: SINGLE-PHASE

For SINGLE-PHASE pumps up to 1.5 kW

Includes membrane vessel

Fixed speed electronic device for the pump start-up and stop.

  • Applicable on the pipe or on the pump.
  • Activates the pump when the system pressure drops below the “start-up pressure" (Pm) and stops when the required flow rate drops below the "stop flow rate".
  • Protects the pump and the system against faults.
  • Adjustable start-up pressure: from 1 to 5 bars. 
  • Adjustable current control: from 4 to 16 A.
  • Integrated 3-litre receiver.
  • Dimensions: 17 x 17 (h) x 30 cm;
  • IP65 protection grade;

Equipped with:

  • Serviceable check valve;
  • Integrated three-piece joint;
  • Integrated analogue gauge.

On request:
Model without analogue gauge.

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PRESFLO Overview (2MB)


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