Aetaire Testimonials

Gerhard’s story

Since my school days I suffer from sinusitis.  Several years of visiting doctors, homeopaths and the best ENT specialists in the Cape, did not help at all.  No medication, nasal sprays or alternative medicines helped.  For a few years I had to use combinations of medication to at least be able to sleep at night and even then I woke up in the early hours of the morning not being able to breathe. 

When offered the distributorship for the Aetaire, I was very sceptical about the product and decided not to add that to our line of products.  After a health scare in October 2011, I decided to buy one and try it. 

Since the first night I completely stopped using medication and I wake up in the morning refreshed.  My wife also sleeps better, because I do not wake her up at night with my constant battle to breathe.  When away from home, I once again find it difficult to breathe at night and feel tired the next morning. 

From now on the Aetaire will travel with us!


Hanro's story

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the opportunity to make use of the Aetaire.

As you know, Hanro suffers from terrible sinusitis and oftens gets sinus “attacks” where he sneezes endlessly. I just wanted to let you know that the Aetaire definitely had a positive effect and that he did not suffered any sinus attacks whilst using it. He could breathe better and his post-nasal drip was completely gone.

Thank you!

Nadine’s story

Between December 2010 and January 2011 my son was really very ill, that he almost died, he was only 21 months old at the time. The doctors till today don’t know what was wrong with him, all we know is that his immune system was at its lowest.  

For six weeks long we were hospital in, hospital out.  We had to screen the people that we would go visit, if we went to visit or who would in turn visit us, we were not allowed to go near people that were sick, not the slightest symptoms of a contagious sickness.  If he got sick it was really bad.

In between all this of him being so sick, I had given birth to a little baby girl  This was now even worse as a new born baby in the house and a child that is sick with what we don’t know. Sleeping patterns were interrupted he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying. 

Gerhard had then lent me the Aetaire to use to see what difference there is in my son.  We could see a huge improvement in both my children, sleeping at night was a dream.  He slept right through, his mood was totally different and he wasn’t sick anymore.  We can now lead a normal life again.


Johan’s story

We went away for the weekend and did not take the Aetaire with.

Josephine (8) struggled with a blocked nose and was very uncomfortable during the night. Tuesday night, back at home, she slept right through and felt much better the following day.

The Aetaire works definitely.


Sydney’s story

My name is Sydney Eaby, I am 52 years old and I live in Villiersdorp in the Western Cape.

I have suffered from chronic respiratory allergies since moving to the Cape from Kwa-Zulu Natal in 1994.

Symptoms included constant sneezing, coughing, tightness in the chest – to the point that I could not sleep at night, burning eyes and having to blow my nose more than anyone I had ever met in my life.

I have tried every solution that I know of; anti-histamines (many different types), cortisone (sprays and injections), asthma pumps (under doctors direction), homeopathic remedies and even natural medicines such as locally made honey. All of them helped a bit and for a while.

Then I installed an Aetaire Air Disinfection Unit in my bedroom. The results were immediate!

I woke the next morning with a clear chest, no irritation in the eyes and realized that for the first time in a very long time I did not wake up needing to blow my nose. I have found that if I use the Aetaire through the night and breath in the clean air for those eight hours I do not even get the hayfever symptoms during the day when I am out and about.

I have always been very cautious and skeptical when anyone recommends an answer to allergies - but I recommend the Aetaire without reservation. Aetaire also claims that breathing clean, pure air while I sleep will also help in many other areas including having more energy - I look forward to proving them right.


Tony’s story

My daughter Liezel Ewels is a 3rd year bcomacc student at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

From the age of 2 she has been prone to Asthma attacks and is extremely allergic to dust mites, cats, pollen etc, and over the years we have spent a fortune on medication, none of which offers a lasting solution to her problem, with only the symptoms being treated. In the 2.5 years that she has been in res in Grahamstown, we have noticed that within 12 hours of her arriving home for vacation or even a weekend, she has an allergic reaction to what we assume is dust mites etc in our house. This happens without fail every time she comes home, irrespective of the season.

A few weeks ago I installed an Aetaire in her bedroom and switched it on 5 hours before her arrival. I left it on low for 12 hours per day for the 4 nights that she was home. For the first time ever, she showed absolutely no sign of any reaction whatsoever and by her own admission felt the best she ever had on a home visit. I must assume that it was the Aetaire sterilizer that did the trick. She is looking forward to many more healthy home visits in the future.


Celéste’s story

At the beginning of September I installed the Aetaire in my Playschool's baby class. At that time there were cases of Hand, Foot and Mouth virus going around, as well as a case of whooping cough. Above all, there were no other cases in the class of the whooping cough, and only one baby got the hand, mouth and foot virus (This little gnome does have a bigger sister who is in a class where there is no Aetaire though). I definitely believe that the Aetaire has killed the viruses or at least helped not spread the virus in the class so that all the babies get it.

I am definitely in favour of the Aetaire and can truly recommend it.


Dr. Peter Christians’ story

I have been suffering from allergy to dust for several years. I stay in a thatched roof house and have noticed that when I am away from my house for a few days then my symptoms get better.

My response to the allergy is that I produce a lot of flem in my airway to such an extent that the tubes between my middle ear and throat gets blocked resulting in impaired hearing.

I have installed the Aetaire in my bedroom about one month ago and can report that the relief I experience of my symptoms is about 70% and I will certainly not remove it from my room.